Project details


The corporate office for M3M SmartWorld, a collaboration of the luxury real estate firm M3M Group and Singapore based SmartWorld Developers reflects the client’s core vision of speed,class and innovation, and is designed as an ultra premium space with a sophisticated and luxurious hospitality-centric theme. The 8000 sft SmartWorld office on the 13th floor and the 3150 sft CRM office on the terrace both exemplify elegance and openness, while being grounded in functionality. Synergy designed the odd trapezium-shaped plan in such a way that almost all areas get maximum natural light. The layered design with the meeting rooms between reception and workstation provides acoustic privacy while feeling communal and transparent. The prime corner space on either side of the floor accommodates the Board room, Promoter’s cabin and the executive offices. The material palette which includes seamless Italian marble flooring, soft lighting, champagne lacquered glass, rose gold metal finishes, veneer and mirror paneling, white corian surfaces, and royal colour all add lushness and warmth. .The show-stopper of the space is the oval meeting room - an oasis in glass - a unique element adding to the ethereality of the interiors. The CRM office on the terrace floor is more informal though equally functional. Skylights have been provided along the workstation hall length continuing into the cafe. The cafe with stepped seating along the curved wall, with the stepped grasslands’ graphic as its backdrop, provides a sense of depth and a connection with nature.