Bajaj Allianz

Carpet Area Summary Sheet: Location Area (sq.ft)
1 Bajaj Allianz, Delhi/NCR
Moti Nagar 32565
Connaught Place 4050
JMD, Gurgaon 2500
2 Bajaj Allianz, Kolkata
Rajarhaat 34630
Mani Square 16500
3 Bajaj Allianz, Hyderabad 22250
4 Bajaj Allianz, Ahemdabad 21350
5 Bajaj Allianz, Baroda 10400
6 Bajaj Allianz, Bangalore 31570
7 Bajaj Allianz, Chennai 29926
8 Bajaj Allianz, Mumbai
Andheri 5500
Sion 22900
9 Bajaj Allianz, Pune 15000
TOTAL CARPET AREA 249141 sq.ft
Project details

Bajaj Allianz is one of India’s leading Insurance company with a Pan-India presence. Synergy has had a long association with BA, spanning more than 7 years and in multiple cities.
These projects have been executed in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Other locations that are planned and designed by us are Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.
During our extensive research and study, we developed a very deep understanding of the way of functioning of their various business verticals and their complex inter-relationships. Subsequently, all their offices have been designed strategically to give maximum efficiency to work processes and creating optimal communications and interactions. The look-feel of these offices have been designed as minimalistic and based on a no-frills concept. Yet, there have been creative assertions in areas such as the Receptions, Boardrooms and Cafeteria.