Project details

ITC Lucknow


ITC as a company has very diverse businesses, all operating under one banner of ITC Ltd. From Luxury hotels to the FMCG sector, from Paper & Packaging to Agri businesses, each being very different from the other. This office was to be shared between their Tobacco Marketing Division that catered to High-end customers & their Agri Division that catered to local farmers. They were used to functioning as independent offices with their distinct identities and here they had to be profiled under the ITC banner and not as individual businesses.

The office was divided into 3 zones, Common Facilities, Marketing Office & Agri Office. All functions common to both, were clubbed under Common Facilities. These were public areas, Conferencing facilities, recreation and Services. The two offices were completely segregated from each other with their own distinct identity and Common Facilities were directly accessible from their individual offices. This let to better utilization of space and better functioning.

ITC Bangalore


A new facility was planned as an extension for the existing FBD office – Foods and Beverage Division. This was an old factory shed, that had to be converted into an office space. The shed has corrugated with North Lights with blank windowless walls on all sides. We decided to tap into this natural resource of abundantly available North Light.

The False ceiling was designed with use of Perspex sheets in place of mineral fibre tiles, that filtered in the natural light. The end result was such that the office did not require any artificial lighting throughout the day saving on energy & cost.