Project details

Karl Storz India


Karl Storz is a German Company in the field of providing premium quality Medical equipment. The India office was based at Gopaldas Bhawan, New Delhi. This building has a unique boat shape with a central core and having a number of PHE shafts along the periphery of the building. The office was to occupy the entire floor. This office was designed in the Premium category. Responding to the unique shape of the building, the cabins were planned along the periphery of the building, in between two adjacent shafts.

Centrally placed was the Reception with access to both the lower and upper bays. The central lower bay had the MD & Boardroom. Workstations in Y shape were planned on the inner side of the bays. The upper bay had a curved glass corridor. At the LHS corner was strategically placed the Café.

The height within the office was very low, 2700mm. In order to give the office a good internal height, a minimum of 150 height was kept for the services like Electrical, FAS, Sprinkler system and HVAC piping. The ducts were moved below the false ceiling. The Elliptical ducts, moving radially along the inner corridors became a unique design feature. Lights were custom made in a single Y shape and was suspended over the workstations. Thus the ceiling height achieved was 2550mm, the highest so far in that building.

The Interiors was designed in the Corporate colours of Grey, White and blue thus creating a one off office with an international look.