Project details

Inshorts Medialabs


In Shorts is a vibrant, fast growing and next generation Startup. News stories are conveyed in crisp 60-words shorts for the mobile generation. The Office is located Near Film City, Noida.

The concept was to have an ultra-modern and formal Interiors, on the likes of Apple. It was to cater to the changing needs of the workplace, that could expand, and contract as needed.

It was clear that what they required was an AGILE office. An agile office by its very nature, responds well to the changing requirements of the workplace, the need for spaces for different activities and the right mix of formal, informal, collaborative, quiet and recreational spaces. The organizational structure was completely nonhierarchical. Here work would happen anywhere, on the worktable, while playing or while relaxing.

One key decision was to do away with Cabins and instead add a number of Meeting & Conference rooms. These rooms would serve the purpose of confidential, quiet, focused work, phone calls and group meetings. The rooms were completely transparent using glass, and this glass was used as writing surfaces by the users giving them a unique calligraphic rendition.

The rest of the office was planned organically with worktables interspersed with free flowing, dynamic recreational areas. All areas had writing surfaces, responding to the client’s brief that creativity flows everywhere.

The workstations were on a grid of 6/8/10/12/14 tables and this configuration had the flexibility to reorganize itself every few weeks based on the new Project team’s requirement. Interspersed empty spaces made it possible for future growth of the Company.

The office had the best in technology with high speed wireless connectivity in all areas of the office, HD large format LED screens, Bose Speakers, Automation using Crestron solution in the conference room.

Thoughts, concepts, Imagination & Creativity are free flowing into all the spaces of this office.