Project details

Futures First Info Services


Futures First Info Services, is our client for over 10 years having done 12 projects in multiple locations including Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Bangalore. It is a London based firm, Trading in Commodities. The Corporate office is located on the Golf Course Road, Gurgaon in the premium DLF Horizon 2 building, with a carpet area of 16,000sft. The space has been designed as a modern and Premium office with chromatic colour scheme and given a fresh & youthful look. The concept was to create an energetic environment for the employees. Different materials were woven together as a whole to add texture and Visual appeal to the interior.

Each Trader had 6-8 monitors and the workstations were ergonomically, custom designed with Steelcase to achieve this volume of screens in terms of space, weight and cable management. False ceiling was done away with and an open ceiling was proposed, that gave a sense of large volume of space. Floating panels were planned above the workstation bays for better definition of bays and lighting. The whole office was on a truncated floor enabling smooth flow of cabling and flexibility for future changes.

The Café & Recreation are combined to form one large space segregated by a wooden screen. The space is earthy, bright and peppy. The recreation has facilities for indoor games, Foos ball table, treadmills lending the much required relief to the traders. The café itself has three separate seating zones, for different moods and settings.