Proportionately Yours- The Math of Interior design

By Ar. Neha Srivastava

“The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order,symmetry and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful” - Aristotle

Mathematics is a subject not easily associated with interior design, especially once the bothersome, formidable entrance exams, where maths is a prerequisite subject, are over. But once you start looking closely, math is all about ratio and proportion and what is architecture and design if not that? Rational spacing, precision, the right ratio of length, breadth and height of a space- all contributes in creating the perfect scale and perception.


Five Trends Influencing Workspace Design

By Ar. Vipin Chutani

We as Architects have to constantly keep abreast of the changes in the world and its impact on where and how we work. There is currently a big phase of transformation in the way challenges are addressed when it comes to the conceptualisation and design of modern working environments.