Project details

Asia Pragati Capfin

APC is a RBI registered Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) striving to create an important space for itself in India's financial sector. This office caters to a strength of 5 persons, has a formal and international look with a subtle Indian theme to differentiate it from its overseas offices. This has been achieved by use of an achromatic colour scheme for all the formal spaces with contrasting vibrant colours in the Recreational spaces. The Indian theme comes through with the rich Lotus flower in the Conference room, Jali pattern between the Café & Recreation and a floral patterned screen that camouflages the workspace from the visitor zones.

The Breakout zone is an extension of the work area and is often used for impromptu discussions, meetings and relaxing. It has a large wall that integrates a LED screen with a Library cum green wall. The green wall coupled with the rust orange wing chairs and sofas give the whole office an AHA! effect.