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Ideas on India "Billion Plus dreams of a resurgent India"

Ideas on India "Billion Plus dreams of a resurgent India"

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  Renovation/Upliftment of 03 Underprivileged Govt Schools of Uri Through Funding From The Corporate Sector

1. Through extensive interaction with pvt sector companies out of J&K the CO this unit was successful in persuading them to invest in development projects in Uri in Jun 13. He gave presentations and briefings to various corporate firms on various projects proposals such as under privileged schools, educational infrastructure, sports infrastructure, developing projects and health care issues.

2. Fomento Resources (Goa) and Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi) were the first companies to come fwd and undertake the project of renovation & upliftment of three schools namely Govt, Girls Middle School, Govt, Boys Higher Secondary School and Govt Girls Higher Secondary School Uri. A total of approx Rs 7,00,000/- was released for renovation work in Jun 13 and 50% work has already been completed.

3. Under mention work was decided to be executed at the respective schools in the first phase of development:-

a.) Govt Girls Middle School Uri
  • Construction of 3 sheds for the purpose of a seating area for the students for eating mid-day meals, a cooking point & serving point with complete tilling.
  • Provision of a Mobile Basketball Ring with complete kit.
  • Provision of Computers & associated furniture for the setting up of a new computer lab.
  • Provision of educational charts for lower KG upto 1ststd.
  • Provision of educational toys for preprimary & primary classes.
  • Provision of Fire extinguishers.
  • Provision of white board with markers for class rooms.
  • Provision & installation of a new RO water purifying plant.
  • Provision of Dustbins for waste disposal.
  • Painting of the inner walls of the school.
  • Provision of a PA system.
  • Provision of Lockers for library books.
  • Construction of a drinking point with complete tiling.
b.) Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Uri.
  • Construction of a Drinking water point with complete tilling.
  • Provision & installation of a RO water purifying plant.
  • Provision of Reference books for XI & XII stds.
  • Provision of an entire Sports kit which includes the following:-
    • Two Complete Cricket Kits.
    • Footballs
    • Volleyballs
    • Volleyball Nets
    • Lockers
  • Provision of white boards with markers for all classrooms.
  • Provision of dustbins for waste disposal.
  • Provision of lockers for reference books.
  • Provision of Fire extinguishers.
C.) Govt Girls Higher Secondary School Uri
  • Provision of a Desktop Computer with the latest operating system


ideas on India

1. Strong democratic values, a cohesive republic, secularism and an all-encompassing socialist mind set make a nation's foundation strong. The true strength of a nation lies with its people, their willingness to move the nation fwd, their courage and determination. The people should have the right to participate in shaping their own future. The people of the valley have witnessed short periods of peace but by and large there has been no peace in the state with acts of terrorism and reprisals taking a heavy toll of victims. The main sufferers have been ordinary citizens of the state who have been hankering for peace for more than half a century. This has led to strong anti-India emotions and feelings in the mindset and actions of the local populace which get vented out when offered a trigger. To achieve a change in the mindset of the local populace and to realize the dream of a cohesive, secular and strong integrated nation, 150 Fd Regt orbatted to HQ 19 Arty Bde under HQ 19 InfDiv has undertaken a unique initiative beyond its charter of duties to make a difference by amalgamating and empowering the local people, by providing them the choice to participate in shaping their own future through a well mapped Perception Management drive.

2. In keeping with the traditional duty since independence, the Indian Army has undertaken a key role in coordinating and running relief operations. To infuse the sense of social equality and spread the message of brotherhood, the Indian Army has taken special initiatives to conduct operations in a humane & people friendly manner to ensure minimum collateral damage and has undertaken SADBHAVANA projects. Sadhbhavana projects have mainly been implemented in the remote areas of the valley. The reason for this is their proximity to the Line of Control which makes them vulnerable to infiltration and influences from across the border. So the Army felt the need to provide basic amenities to the people in these remote areas to improve their living conditions and winning their hearts and minds. Some of the projects being undertaken by Indian Army under SADHBHAVANA incl infrastructure development for schools, orphanages / hostels, est women empowerment centres, computer training centres, community development centres, model villages, conducting educational tours, water supply projects, projects for gujjar / bakkarwal community, national integration tours etc. However funds which are finally allotted to units for Sadhbhavana Projects in a financial year are insufficient to address most of the core problem issues being faced by the populace. Hence addressing those issues which do not get covered by Sadhbhavana activities and which merit immediate attention needs to get covered by Perception Management activities purely out of the units initiative. Since most of these issues need strong financial backing and no additional funds being available to units to carry out such activities, the task becomes very challenging and is the main reason why most units find it difficult to execute. 150 Fd Regt had conducted extensive interaction with the AWAM in accessing their core problem issues and the major issues which came to light was that of unemployment, inadequate educational and civic infrastructure and certain un addressed health issues post the 2005 earthquake.

3. In order to assist the organization and contribute to the overall effort in its own little way and in realization of this dream to infuse a sense of social equality, spread the message of brotherhood and winning the hearts and minds of the people in Uri as part of a strategy for conflict resolution, the regiment decided to provide Uri & surrounding areas quality education, youth empowerment, infrastructural development, social support and health. Few schools which were in a dilapidated state post the earthquake of 2005 were identified for renovation &upliftment work, uneducated and educated unemployed youth were identified and interviewed, basic civic infrastructural requirements of the area were noted and those health care issues which were rarely addressed were identified. Detailed project plans in respect of the above were made in which the scope of work was identified and projected costs were also included. The endeavour started out as an idea wherein, help from the Corporate Sector was planned to be incorporated in a "Joint Civil MilitaryVenture" by gainfully engaging them in this part of the country where most Corporate Houses are reluctant to venture due to lack of an operating base. The unit decided to be this base which would provide the bridge and be the catalyst and conduit in bringing in these Corporate Houses to also contribute towards the overall national aim at bringing about a positive change in the mindsets of the populace and improvement in the overall quality of life of the people in these remote parts of the valley. In order to achieve the same the unit's CO first telephonically contacted a number of corporates firms and houses in the month of Apr 2013 and requested them for a chance to make presentations and briefings to them in respect of the project proposals that were planned by the unit to be undertaken in Uri with the help of corporate sponsorship under their charter of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). After numerous telephone calls, emails and letters to these corporate houses a number of them agreed to give the CO a time slot for making a presentation on the projects which were planned for Uri to their board of trusties in the month of May 2013.

4. Work commenced at the unit by preparation of detailed resumes as per the requirements of the corporate sectors of the educated & uneducated unemployed youth of Uri and surrounding areas. Trg of selected boys commenced in welding at the unit location. Detailed project plans for renovation and upliftment of the worst effected school were prepared. In addition a project for conducting an eye camp, as eye care in Uri and surrounding area did not exist was planned & prepared.

5. For the plans to materialise all that was missing was willing sponsorship onus for the same. Hence the CO after getting approved appointment dates for making presentations to these corporate honchos proceeded on leave in the month of May 2013 to visit these Corporate Companies in Delhi, Goa, Pune & Mumbai to seek their assistance and help in terms of sponsorship for the same. Presentations and briefings on various projects plans were presented to the management of numerous Company's and briefings to various boards of trusties were also delivered. These efforts paid off when some Corporate Companies namely Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Pvt Ltd (Goa), Synergy (Delhi), GKB Hi-Tech Lenses Pvt Ltd (Goa), Dempo Group of Companies(Goa), Avon Facility Mgt Service Pvt Ltd (Delhi), Frontline (NCR) Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (Delhi) and certain indl businessmen agreed to invest in this endeavour by the Regt. On receiving this impetus, full scale work on the projects planned commenced. The resumes of the educated & uneducated unemployed youth were fwd to various Companies for job openings anywhere in the country. Funds from two companies for the constr work for renovation of three schools namely Govt Girls Middle School, Govt Girls Higher Secondary School and Govt Boys Higher Secondary School, Uri were agreed to be released. Constr work on two Badminton Courts and preparation of a new Cemetery for the population of Uri and surrounding area also commenced simultaneously.

6. The CO this unit proceeded on leave and went to Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Pvt Ltd (Goa) and Synergy (Delhi) and gave presentation on project proposals forrenovation and reconstruction work for three under privileged schools in Uri which these companies agreed to adopt and they released funds amounting to approx 8 Lacsfrom which the renovation work was completed in the schools. The photographs are att below.

7. This unique effort beyond its charter of duties by just a single unit has yielded tremendous goodwill and results in addressing numerous issues of the populace such as quality of life, employment & social support. The efforts of the unit were highly appreciated by the AWAM of Uri and it has helped in bringing about a positive change in the area and is an apt example of "Germination of an Idea That Impacts Change & Unshackles Mindsets".

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